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Links 2023-08-02

On microservices and containers …

Links 2023-03-30

Some older texts, all about blockchains …

Goodbye, wird abgeschaltet. Ich habe der Seite schon 2017 den Rücken gekehrt als nach einem Ausfall drei Jahre Daten verloren waren. Auch damals hat die Finanzierung durch quasi-Spenden von Nutzern schon nicht für einen sicheren Betrieb gereicht.
Und doch trifft mich die Nachricht jetzt wieder weil vorher noch viele Jahre vorhanden waren; aber wenn das nun ganz offline geht, dann stirbt ein Stück meiner persönlichen Internetgeschichte.
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Zabbix Data Collection Modes

I still like Zabbix as a simple allround monitoring solution. With its agent and UserParameter configuration it is very flexible and can be used (and abused) in many interesting ways. Here I want to show and compare three different patterns of collecting metrics from a service:

  1. simple item fetch
  2. fetch and send
  3. preprocessing

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Heinrich-Hertz-Turm bei Nebel, Blick aus dem japanischen Garten

Links 2019-11-10

On too big to fail tech …

AWS Summit Berlin 2016

A few remarks on the AWS Summit in Berlin this April…

Thanks to several sponsors the event was free of charge and a welcome opportunity to visit Berlin. Given this background it is probably not fair to compare it to normal tech conferences. Although it did have several tracks with technical talks and presentations, most of them were on an introductory level so you might as well watch a few AWS webinar videos. So one has to see the summit as a pure marketing event, one you should attend to celebrate AWS itself, meet fellow AWS user group members, and see a few product demos as well as startup pitches.

Observations while Travelling

Train Rides

The day before: “Oh great, several hours on my own. I will pack books and I am gonna get so much reading and writing done.”
On the train: “Argh, I am tired, and it is too loud, I cannot concentrate on anything.”
The day after: “Where went all that time? What did I do?”

Hotel Wi-Fi

The day before: “There will probably be some kind of Wi-Fi available. It is 2014 and it has to be better now than it was the last time.”
On site, after a painful experience including ridiculous prices and/or asking for silly access codes, counting it a success if there is decent signal strength (even without reasonable bandwidth) in the lobby: “Thank god for my smartphone data plan.”


9am: “I wonder why they keep so many snacks and cake arround. I just had breakfast and I am fine till lunch.”
After 2-3h of talks or a workshop: “Hunger! I want sugar… and caffeine… and then some more sugar!”