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WPCamp 2012

Das WPCamp war am 13. Oktober, bei wunderschönem Oktoberwetter an der Beuth-Hochschule in Berlin. Weil’s jetzt doch schon einen Monat her ist spare ich mir lange Berichte aus allen besuchten Sessions. Neben meiner eigenen – mit dem viel zu langen Slideument zum Thema Software-/Website-Test – fand ich besonders Caspars Session zur Happy Community wichtig. Vielleicht schreibe ich da noch einen separaten Artikel zu.

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Helpful Books to Understand the Architecture of Snort

Every now and then the Snort mailing lists get “homework questions” like how to learn about the program’s architecture. IMHO the most helpful books for a more detailed insight are:

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Three years later, a new Psi

I am quite happy about this announcement of a new Psi release from the Delta XMPP Project. I was afraid my favorite XMPP/Jabber client was dead and I had to look for a new one.

While searching for the project status I also found the OTR plugin I missed for some time now. Now my only remaining problem is the IPv6 support. ;-)

PHP memcached session handler security

One subsystem of a PHP server is its session handling. In multi user systems the choice of handlers requires a tradeoff between performance, persistence, and security/user isolation. Because my setup does not seem to be common I document it here. Read the rest of this entry »

Desktops und Mäuse

Ich würde mal behaupten die Computermaus ist ein ziemlich wichtiges Instrument für eine Desktop-Umgebung. Dennoch gibt es merkwürdig langlebige Bugs dazu.

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LaTeX minted

The minted package is a possible alternative to listing. It provides syntax highlighting for sourc code in LaTeX documents by calling the Python pygmentize tool.
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As the name says CUnit is an xUnit implementation for the C programming language.

In comparison to dynamic programming languages the test organization requires much more manual glue code. Because C has no introspection one has to register every test case manually. Likewise there is no support for utilities like mock object generation or annotations.

On the other hand unit tests can be very useful in C, for example when implementing data structures. Test cases may isolate null pointer dereferencing and one can use valgrind on them to detect memory leaks at the lowest level.

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Verhinderte Zukunft

Eine kleine SF-Geschichte: Es ist das 21. Jahrhundert. Praktisch alle besitzen tragbare Computer. Und so gut wie überall in den Städten gibt es freien und kostenlosen Internetzugang, um Nachrichten zu empfangen, nachzusehen wo und wann der nächste Bus fährt, schnell auf den Online-Stadtplan zu schauen. Read the rest of this entry »