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Observations while Travelling

Train Rides

The day before: “Oh great, several hours on my own. I will pack books and I am gonna get so much reading and writing done.”
On the train: “Argh, I am tired, and it is too loud, I cannot concentrate on anything.”
The day after: “Where went all that time? What did I do?”

Hotel Wi-Fi

The day before: “There will probably be some kind of Wi-Fi available. It is 2014 and it has to be better now than it was the last time.”
On site, after a painful experience including ridiculous prices and/or asking for silly access codes, counting it a success if there is decent signal strength (even without reasonable bandwidth) in the lobby: “Thank god for my smartphone data plan.”


9am: “I wonder why they keep so many snacks and cake arround. I just had breakfast and I am fine till lunch.”
After 2-3h of talks or a workshop: “Hunger! I want sugar… and caffeine… and then some more sugar!”

Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2014

After I could not make it last year I was glad to come back to Chemnitz for this years Linux-Tage.

This time I did not have any talk and did not sign up for the BSD booth. So I had more time and attended more talks than usual and the (possibly subjective) impression that talks were better than in previous years. The only (small) drawback of success: with ever more guests everything becomes more crowded.

One particularly interesting presentation was the one on structured logging by Jens Kühnel. — That is more or less the long overdue follow-up for my very old talk on Syslog (pdf).

Time for a new PGP Key

I have been quite lazy with my PGP key. At some time I even removed its expiration date, because I was too busy to generate a new one. But lazy or not… a key of 1024 bits has to be considered legacy now, furthermore it is time to remove my different university addresses.

So this years resolution is to switch to a new key — which is now online on my contact page and public keyserver. (The old one is also online and still usable for some time).

My First FreeBSD Port

A nice surprise last week: textproc/libcrm114 became my first official FreeBSD port.  :-)

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WPCamp 2012

Das WPCamp war am 13. Oktober, bei wunderschönem Oktoberwetter an der Beuth-Hochschule in Berlin. Weil’s jetzt doch schon einen Monat her ist spare ich mir lange Berichte aus allen besuchten Sessions. Neben meiner eigenen – mit dem viel zu langen Slideument zum Thema Software-/Website-Test – fand ich besonders Caspars Session zur Happy Community wichtig. Vielleicht schreibe ich da noch einen separaten Artikel zu.

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Helpful Books to Understand the Architecture of Snort

Every now and then the Snort mailing lists get “homework questions” like how to learn about the program’s architecture. IMHO the most helpful books for a more detailed insight are:

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Three years later, a new Psi

I am quite happy about this announcement of a new Psi release from the Delta XMPP Project. I was afraid my favorite XMPP/Jabber client was dead and I had to look for a new one.

While searching for the project status I also found the OTR plugin I missed for some time now. Now my only remaining problem is the IPv6 support. ;-)

PHP memcached session handler security

One subsystem of a PHP server is its session handling. In multi user systems the choice of handlers requires a tradeoff between performance, persistence, and security/user isolation. Because my setup does not seem to be common I document it here. Read the rest of this entry »