Interesting Programming Languages

One personal goal this winter is to do more programming in beautiful languages.

At this moment I am quite excited about Python 3, Perl 6, and Go.

Fluent Python book coverPython has always been my default language for small scripts since I first encountered it in version 1.6. Now I recently wrote a first webservice with Flask and got myself “Fluent Python” to finally move forward to Python 3.


Camelia, the Perl 6 logoPerl 6 finally seems to become usable for real tools. Its rather different approach to the linguistics of programming is really fascinating and maybe this is the time to dig into it.


Golang gopher mascotFinally there is Go. Although I have used it for a few useful admin tools I feel like I barely got beyond the tutorial. Now the release notes for Go 1.5 were very interesting, especially the new support for shared libraries, and I would love to use it in some larger project.

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