Links 2016-12-08

A few notes on monitoring, debugging, and testing.

  • Chris’s Wiki : blog/unix/ManyLoadAveragesOfUnix
    It turns out that the meaning of ‘load average’ on Unixes is rather more divergent than I thought it was. So here’s the story as I know it.
  • Illustrated Guide to Monitoring and Tuning the Linux Networking Stack: Receiving Data
    This blog post expands on our previous blog post Monitoring and Tuning the Linux Networking Stack: Receiving Data with a series of diagrams aimed to help readers form a more clear picture of how the Linux network stack works.
  • Using jemalloc to get to the bottom of a memory leak
    The opportunity to really get to the bottom of a memory problem is quite a rarity in the life of a developer and this showed in the fact that our investigations (alongside other work) lasted over a month.
  • Ten Tired Trends In Software Testing Discourse
    I’ve read your blog posts and I’ve been to your talks and talked to you after the talks too. And here’s what I want to know: if you love automation so much how come all you can do is warn me about how not to use it?
  • Notes on concurrency bugs
    Non-deterministic bugs are rare, but they can be extremely hard to debug and they’re a productivity killer. Bad non-deterministic bugs take so long to debug that relatively large investments in tools and prevention can be worth it.
  • Why Writing Correct Software Is Hard
    The cost of correctness – like the energy cost of reducing entropy – is a result of the “natural laws” of computation, that cannot possibly be avoided.

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