Links 2016-09-14

  • What I learned as a hired consultant to autodidact physicists
    It began after I started as a teaching assistant at the department of physics. The first note was a classic – it proved Albert Einstein wrong. The second one solved the problem of quantum mechanics by dividing several equations through zero, a feat that supposedly explained non-determinism.
  • How to Recruit – Rands in Repose
    Recruiting and engineering must have a symbolic force-multiple relationship because the work they do together – the work of building a healthy and productive team – defines the success of your team and your company.
  • It’s Not Just Standing Up: Patterns for Daily Standup Meetings
    Daily stand-up meetings have become a common ritual of many teams, especially in Agile software development. However, there are many subtle details that distinguish effective stand-ups and a waste of time.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Remote Standups
    Remote companies have a unique opportunity to create optimal work environments for their their employees. With a few tweaks, the standup format helps remote teams get more done, faster.
  • Meditations Redux
    The company I helped start, DefenseStorm, just celebrated its second year […] I’m posting the lessons I’ve learned because I think they might be useful to others.
  • Being A Developer After 40 — Free Code Camp
    Hi everyone, I am a forty-two years old self-taught developer, and this is my story.

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