Links 2016-05-17

A failure, a success story, and several thoughts on system design.

  • Inside the sad, expensive failure of Google+
    Create a social network or risk everything.
  • Jetbrains: The unicorn Silicon Valley doesn’t like to talk about
    The reason why Jetbrains has such little competition is because few startups and programmers are willing to learn and embrace non-sexy tech.
  • Why I Strive to be a 0.1x Engineer
    Given the cost of maintaining everything we build, it would literally be better for us to do 10% the work and sit around doing nothing for the rest of our time, if we could figure out the right 10% to work on.
  • Boring Systems Build Badass Businesses
    Build the most minimal solution you possibly can. See if customer’s like it, use it, and will pay enough for it. Only then build it into a full solution.
  • Logging v. instrumentation
    Logging and instrumentation are two perennially hot topics in software development generally, and seem to be enjoying a certain renaissance in the context of microservices particularly. And I see quite a lot of confusion on the topic.
  • How to build stable systems — Medium
    The first decision is easily the most important. It is one of ideology: the developers are in control of the software. Not the other way around. Managers are not in control of the software. Product Owners are not in control of the software. Developers are.

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