NotToDo List

I decided to shorten my ever expanding “eternal ToDo list”, because I realized I simply will not have enough free time for all my ideas. I put this list of abandoned projects online because maybe you want to work on them, or someone else might find them useful and pay me to work on them.  ;-)

  • syslog-sign library: take the syslog-sign code from syslogd and turn it into a general library to sign arbitrary streams of text or packets.
  • timestamping: extend syslogd or the syslog-sign library to include qualified timestamps.
  • PEAR::Payment_SEPA: write a free library to read and generate SEPA credit transfer messages, basically the next generation of Payment_DTA. Problem is it’s a big XML base specification and customer-to-bank messages may still use different formats; leading to the secondary problem that validation services to test such an implementation are expensive.
  • Puppet package plugin for FreeBSD to use portmaster instead of portupgrade.

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